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14 websites aboutIndustrial RevolutionEnglish

Voice of Industry | Industrial Revolution.

The Voice of Industry was a newspaper published during the Industrial Revolution in America, by young working women, in response to the social changes wrought by the Industrial Revolution.

Railroads (USA): History And The Industrial Revolution. American railroads.

An informational and educational resource guide covering American railroads. Learn more about what was like to experience America by rail.

Thermography Unlimited | Your leader in industrial advancements. Industrial revolution.

When it comes to the latest advancements in premier industrial products, we are the team for you.

The Industrial Revolution.

Learn about the 19th century industrial revolution, including its causes and its effects on society.

Motor Control Center Panels Manufacturer, Power Control Panels Supplier, Exporter. Panels…

Systems & Services (power Controls) - Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Motor Control Center Panels, Control Panels, Power Control Panels, Electric Power Control Panel etc based in…

Revolutionary Players: The people, ideas & innovations that shaped the modern world…

History West Midlands is proud to bring you Revolutionary Players: The people, ideas and innovations that shaped the modern world The Revolutionary Players were.

Erskine Press - publishers and booksellers - history of Antarctic exploration, Antarctica.

The Erskine Press publisher of books on polar exploration, history of perspective, the legacy of the industrial revolution, and history of astronomy, biography and poetry.

William Murdoch - The Scot Who Lit The World. Gas lighting.

Scottish inventor & engineer, William Murdoch worked in Birmingham & Cornwall for James Watt during Industrial Revolution. Steam carriage, gas lighting & many inventions…

We Work Fearless: The Fearless Factory. Today Is Your Day to Be Fearless

The Fearless Factory will be a state-of-the-art manufacturing studio, learning lab, and makerspace designed to cultivate the leaders and innovators of America’s next industrial revolution.

Angel Meadow - Victorian Britain’s most savage slum…

Step into the Victorian underworld of Angel Meadow, the vilest and most dangerous slum of the Industrial Revolution. In the shadow of the world’s first cotton mill, 30, 000 souls trapped by…

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Home - 18th Century History - The Age of Reason and Change.

Is the starting place to find information about the long 18th century. This means that the period approximately covers the years from 1660 through 1830.

Autonomous Systems. Industrial revolution. Microsoft autonomous. Robotics

Autonomous systems - a new industrial revolution, Autonomous Systems, What is an autonomous system? Microsoft is accelerating the journey from automated to autonomous systems, School of…

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