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Home | Shannon Selin. Historical fiction. Century history.

Historical fiction writer Shannon Selin is the author of Napoleon in America. She blogs about Napoleonic and 19th century history.

Thomas Homer-Dixon. Environmental stress. Economic instability. Complexity science. Examine threats.

Thomas Homer-Dixon is a Canadian professor and author who uses complexity science to examine threats to global security, environmental stress and economic instability.

Cedar Beach Ocean Lodge. Marine Life. Thetis Island. Beach Walks. Author Marine.

Cedar Beach Ocean Lodge on Thetis Island BC in the Gulf Islands offers Marine Vacations with Diving, Kayaking and Guided Educational Marine Life I.D. Beach Walks with Author & Marine…

Whole Body Wellness Centre - Home Page. Transforming lives. Luc Lemire.

Dr. Luc Lemire is a Wellness Expert, Chiropractor, International Speaker, and Award-Winning Bestselling Author that is transforming lives on a globla level with his products and services that…

DL Jung - Xinlinshi Press - Author and Publisher - YA Historical Fiction. Jung Xinlishi…

DL Jung. Writer and Independent Publisher. Sparrow Squadron (Aelita’s War Book 1), YA Historical Fiction Novel, Launching February 2018.

Author Shirlee Smith Matheson. Nonfiction books. Shirlee Matheson. Real life. Adventure books.

Shirlee Smith Matheson Canadian award-winning author of real life adventure fiction and nonfiction books for juvenile, young adult, adult readers.

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