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Betty Herman Home Page. Archetypal image.

The drawings and paintings of Betty Herman are shaped by the concept of the archetypal image. The notion of Consciousness and being in the moment influences her creative process. Betty…

Roger Savage, Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada. Art Gallery.

The Savage Art Gallery located in Liverpool, Nova Scotia hosts the works of artist, Roger Savage.

Moon Rain - weaving, tapestry, tapestry weaving, tapestry artist, tapestry designer. Moon…

Moon Rain is a tapestry arts centre specializing in tapestry weaving, commissioned tapestries, and tapestry workshops.

Rodolfo Peraza Studio ∕ Art News and Projects. Art and.

Rodolfo Peraza is Cuban-born multimedia artist, based in the US and Cuba. His research focuses on the public space, both virtual and physical.