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Visual Artist | Janet Botes - land art, contemporary art, landscape art, design. South Africa.

Janet Botes is a contemporary visual artist from South Africa inspired by ecology and natural cycles. She also offers creative workshops & artist retreats.

Sue Dickinson South African Wildlife Artist - Paintings and Prints. Original paintings…

Sue Dickinson South African Wildlife Artist. Wildlife art prints, original wildlife paintings, etchings by Sue Dickinson South African animal artist.

Jeannette Unite - Visual Artist.

Jeannette Unite is a South African Visual Artist based in Cape Town.

Hey Creations - Kenneth Maloney Art and Pots. Ken Maloney.

Kenneth is a South African artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He creates three-dimensional (3D) art that is very unique and utterly captivating!

Art collection | anu | online exhibition. Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Carl Gustav Jung. Boris…

The Art Collection is a continuous work in progress; it’s ’a labour of love’. Here you will find what is essentially an online exhibition, presenting several works of any one artist. I trust…

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